PowerPoint Tutorials on the Web

PowerPoint Tutorials on the Web

 These tutorials are only a few of many PowerPoint tutorials on the web.

      These are general tutorials on how to create PowerPoint presentations.  Answers to specific questions and tips on graphic design can be found here.


Indezine site -- one stop shopping for tutorials, information, links, templates. Excellent!


simple beginning -- look at the different sites and see which ones seem to fit your learning style.


Excellent Tutorials by Electric Teacher.  Good information on using pictures and sound.


Cheerful web site tells how to get started in PowerPoint and goes on to adding images, motion and sound.  Good directions.  This may be for PowerPoint 97.


Tutorials for PowerPoint 2000 from Florida State University.  These tutorials are clear and comprehensive with pictures of the windows and command bars that will be displayed on the learners screen.  Easy to use layout.


Attractive, well organized set of tutorials

Specific Questions


            How to Save Your PowerPoint Presentation as a Web Page.

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