Turn PowerPoint Files into Web Pages

Turn PowerPoint Files into Web Pages

Follow these steps to turn your PowerPoint slides into a series of web pages.

Save your PowerPoint files as .http files when you are working on them. 
When you get finished and have done all corrections,  save them as .htm files.

This is how to do it.

1.  Open the PowerPoint Program.

2.  Open your own PowerPoint presentation.  It will be in a file ending with .ppt

3.  Click on   File -->  SAVE AS WEB PAGE
This window will come up:

          For FILE NAME  check the list of file names.
                Type  in the name ending in .htm


4.  Click on the button that says

This window will appear:

5.  Under Publish What?  choose Complete Presentation

                                               unclick Display speaker notes

   Under Browser support select Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later

6.  Click on the button called Web Options.  The window looks like this:

     It will open at the General tab.
     This page is about putting navigation arrows on your pages.

                     Choose Add slide navigation controls

                     Colors:  You may choose.  Check to see how they look on your pagesl

                     Choose Resize graphics to fit browser window

7.  Go back to the top of the Web Options window.  Choose the Files tab.

IMPORTANT:    Choose Organize supporting files in a folder.

                        Choose Use long file names whenever possible

                        Choose Update links on save

8.  Go back to the top of the Web Options window.  Choose the Pictures tab.

                  Select Screen size:    800 x  600

Click on OK at the bottom of the Web Options window.

9.  Now you are back at Publish as Web Page.

    Near the bottom of the page is a section headed Publish a copy as

In the little File name 

the name of the file.  It will end with .htm

    Click on Publish.  

  Now you have finished saving this file.

  You will get one folder and two files from this process.

  They will look like this (but will have their own real names).

Send all three files to Dr Viau please!

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