Join Your PowerPoint Segments

Join Your PowerPoint Segments

This is how you join segments of your PowerPoint slides together.

Some of your assignments are made up of multiple parts, such as when each of your group members makes a water plant.  When everyone has finished his/her assignment, you can join the pieces together.

This is how you merge the slides.  Let's assume that you have four people in your group, Jenny, Jose, Jim, and Carol..

First, put all the pieces in the same folder.

You will have

The Coordinator's file      (this has just the title and your names on it)
Jackie's water plants
Tanis' water plants
Wendy's water plants
Carolyn's water plants

Open your Coordinator's file, which is the title of your presentation.

Notice the listing of each student's files in the center of the opening picture.

Notice the arrow pointing to the slide sorter view, which is where  you will go to next.


The icon shows a screen with four little rectangles on it.
Click on this icon.      

Now your screen will look like this.

Notice the miniature picture of your Title slide.

Put your cursor where you would like the next set of slides to appear, in this case to the right of your slide.


Go to  INSERT on the command bar and and choose  SLIDES FROM FILES.

A box will open that will allow you to select the file that holds the slides that you want.

You will see the individual frames in the little windows in the lower part of the screen.

 Choose INSERT ALL and your files will be merged!

Choose CLOSE.



Your slide sorter window will look something like this:

Repeat this process for additional sections of your assignment.

When you have assembled all your frames, link the individual sections to the list on the Title Slide.

For the assignment for Dr Viau, link your final file to Table of Contents on the last slide.

The link should say

your world's name_toc.html  

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