Special PowerPoint Questions

Special PowerPoint Questions

These tutorials are about some specific things that you might want to try with PowerPoint.

  This page has a list of tutorials that provide answers for  specific PowerPoint questions.  
You may find these useful once you have the basics under control.

    I have also listed a few sites that give tips on Presentation Design and some multi-feature sites.

   There are many good sites on the web with general tutorials for PowerPoint: a few of the more general ones are listed here

Specific Questions

How to Save Your PowerPoint Presentation as a Web Page.


PowerPoint Hints, Tips and Resources:  a collection of directions for solving specific problems in getting your presentation slides to look awesome!


PowerPoint FAQs:  This is really advanced material -- how to put sound and movies into your slides, shortcuts, etc.  If you have a special project or problem, look here.


This is an excellent list of links to tutorials, free templates, free courses, more links, tips, and tools.


This site has tutorials, templates, and a lot of information for you.

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