Organize Your Files in Folders

Organize Your Files in Folders

Follow these procedures step by step to set up your folders.

This page will tell you what to do with your own part of the World Builders project.

 Step One: Make Two Folders

 1a. Make a NEW FOLDER on your hard

      Give this folder yourname


 1b. Make another NEW FOLDER.

      Call this folder  yourname_gifs

 Check: You now have two folders.                     

Step Two: Put HTM Files in yourname Folder

 2a. Get the folder called yourname


 2b. Gather your text files
                            that end in .HTM

 2c.  Drag the text files into the      
          yourname folder.  


Step Three: Put Your Image Files into the yourname_gifs Folder
 3a. Get the folder called


 3b.  Gather your image files.

         They should end in
or .jpg


 3c.  Put all the image files
          into the
          yourname_gifs  folder.

 Step Four:  Check Your Progress
 Check: You have two folders


  yourname file holds all your html files  holds
 yourname_gifs holds all your  images,
             the .gif and .jpg files
that are in the yourname folder.

Step Five:
          Put the
yourname_gifs Folder inside the yourname Folder


 Now put the yourname_gifs folder inside the yourname folder

Put this one inside this one

When you open the yourname folder the list should look something like this:


  All the images are inside the yourname_gifs folder.



Now you have one folder with your name on it.

You are finished!

Now link your files and images working inside this folder.

When you are finished, put a copy of the yourname folder on a zip or floppy disk

Bring the disk with this folder to class.

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