Naming Your Web Page Files

Naming Your Web Page Files

Naming your files this way will make sure that they work on the web.

When you start building your web pages you will have two kinds of files:

 Text Files which will be your written words.
     These files will end in .htm or html
      You will make these files with a web page editor such as

           *  Front Page
           *  GoLive
           *  Dream Weaver

 Image Files which will be your pictures
     These files will end in .gif or .jpg
      You will work with these files with graphics programs such as

          * AppleWorks (Mac)
          * GraphicConverter (Mac - Download)
          * FuturePaint (Mac - Download)
          * Adobe PhotoShop
* Paint (Windows)
          * PaintShop Pro (Windows)
          * Freehand
          * Adobe Illustrator
 Important Rules

       Keep file names short
       Do not put spaces in file names
       Make all your filenames either ALL CAPITALS or all lower case

          * myfile.htm              good
* my_file.htm            good
          * MYFILE.HTM           good

 * mymom.gif              good
          * MYMOM.JPG            good

          * MyFile.Htm          very bad!!!       (CAPITALS + lower case --
                                                                hard to remember)
          * My file.htm           very bad!!!      (See the evil space)

  * A wonderful file all about my adventure in Mexico.hTm       VERY BAD!!!

  * My cousin Elena on her fifteenth Birthday.Jpg                   VERY BAD!!!

Most people normally use lower case letters for all file names, as not having to use the shift key all the time is more simple and easier.

If  your group is using both Macs and Windows file names ise CAPITALIZED NAMES because CAPITALIZED NAMES seem to transfer more easily between between Mac and Windows machines.

If everyone in your group is working on Macs or on Windows machines, decide which way you want to name your files and be sure that everyone is doing it the same way,  TheN there will be no problems.
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