Free Textures, Buttons, and Bars

Free Textures, Buttons, and Bars

These excellent web sites have thousands of textures, bars, buttons and fonts for you. has got it all for you, and it is all free.  It has 4,704 tiling background textures,10,000 web graphics (bullets, buttons, clipart, etc), 6,800 fonts, 1,980 sound effects, and the ones that I have seen look really good.  Everything is well organized, so that you can find what you are looking for: you can download individual files as you wish.  You can also download all the files on the site for only $5.95 -- doing so will save you a lot of time and allow you to look at them on your own computer.

In addition to having all these files, the site also has utilities that will take a texture file and change its color,. will make buttons and borders using this texture, will preview font colors on the texture and will upload the texture to your web site.

This site has images, textures, audio, and Flash files for you.  All are free!
It's a good site:  I have used some of their images on this site myself!

Realm Graphics is a beautifully designed site with attractive textures that you can download individually or by category as zip files.  It has over 340 textures, 380 bullets, 130 buttons, 510 icons and 350 lines.  There is a lot here for the web page maker, and the files are free. If you use any of these resources, cite copyright  Ender Design:

Julianne's Background Textures has a nice selection of small texture squares organized by color.

PixelPoke has some small texture squares including some metallic tiles.  There are also tutorials that will help us to make our own tiles.

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