Sources for Free Photos

Sources for Free Photos

These sites have photos that can be used free for non-commercial sites.   Give credit for them.

Geek Philosopher This is a super web site with many photographs that you can use freely if you post a link to this site on your web page

British Wildlife, Conservation & Environmental Education!  This site may be used by individuals for educational, non-profit purposes.  Include a link to the site please!  Many photographs, educational material, conservation information, and resources.

A list of NASA imagery Web sites that you may find helpful.

This NASA site has stunning photos of earth from space.

Earth from Space  NASA looks down on our home planet.

Cal Photos  Digitized photographs of plants, fungi, animals, peoples, and landscapes.  Follow directions for using these pictures.

Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth  This is a catalog of  more than 400,000 photos of Earth taken during manned spaceflight missions. Continuously updated.

NASA Image eXchange (NIX)  A search tool which can search imagery databases throughout NASA, tying together over 442,000 images.

NOAA National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency:  Information and beautiful pictures from three years of undersea exploration near volcanic vents off the California coast.

NOAA National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency:   Huge Photo Library: search for topics that interest you, marine environments, animals, wild life refuges.

DHD Multimedia Gallery 4GB+ of free images, sounds and more! This multimedia gallery/library is based in London, England, with 11140 exhibits, sorted into galleries.

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