Free On-Line Helpers

Free On-Line Helpers

Got that perfect image, but it doesn't work for you?  Change it using one of these sites! Your Everything Online Image Editor.  This site will let you make buttons, make transparent images, resize pictures, change colors, etc on-line and then download the results for use on your own web site.   Use images under  200 K.

Gifworks:  Create your own special effects with any GIF -- even animated ones! Resize it, colorize it, optimize it, and jazzercise it -- then save it and take it with you.  Upload your own image and modify it.

TrueColor My Image - Online Digital Photo Editing:  Upload your own image (up to one megabyte in size) and modify it.  Good directions.

On-line Jpeg Compressor  Give the program the URL of your jpeg and it will make the graphic smaller in kilobytes so that it will load on your page more quickly.  The picture will still be the same size on your web page: it will just take up less memory.

Another On-line jpg compressor: easy to use.

This web site will give you a choice of fonts and sizes to make three dimensional animated text.  Fun to do, but use in moderation.

On-line text Colorizer  will do this in a variety of colors and sizes like this:
 Welcome to my pageYou cut and paste the text into your page.

If you want more sites, go to and type in 

"online image editor" + free

Have fun playing with your images!!!

This applet makes metatags for your website.

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