World Builders  --   Land Animals Study Questions
Unit 9   Land Animals

Here are some basic things that you should know when you have read the Science Notes for this chapter.

Vocabulary -- know what you are talking about

 parasite  live bearer  prey  mammal
 reptile  territory protective coloration  endotherms
exotherms  amphibian  predator  hibernation
 cocoon  pupa reproductive fitness  molt
 migration  invertebrate  vertebrate  carnivore

Concepts - understand the big picture

What are the costs and benefits of being an exotherm? 
          What environments favor this adaptation?
What are the costs and benefits of being an endotherm? 
          What environments favor this adaptation?
What are the benefits and costs of being a live bearer?
How do birds benefit by having nests instead of bearing their young alive?
How do land animals deal with dessication?
What structures did land animals evolve to allow their bodies to deal with gravity?

Facts -- get the details right

List three very different groups of animals that became adapted to live on land.
What are three important distinguishing characteristics of mammals?
What are two important adaptations that make reptiles different from amphibians?
Name two adaptive behaviors that allow animals to live through the winter.
What are the four stages in the life of an insect?
What structures do land animals use to obtain oxygen?

Picture It!

Draw the stages in the life cycles of these animals:
  an insect         an amphibian        a reptile         a bird         a mammal
Label the stages.

Directions for Drawing Program.
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