World Builders  --   Land Plants Study Questions
Unit 8   Land Plants

Here are some basic things that you should know when you have read the Science Notes for this chapter.

Vocabulary -- know what you are talking about

 pollen  chloroplasts   desiccation   dicotelydons
 cotyledons  pollination   petal  annual
 xylem   root hairs   cuticle sepal
 wind pollination  bud  seed pods  shoot
 phloem  monocotyledon
  stamen  perennial

Concepts - understand the big picture

What new new structures did land plants have to develop to deal with gravity?
What new structures did land plants have to develop to deal with desiccation?
What problems did land plants have with reproduction?
How did the plants solve the reproduction problem?
Where do plants get the carbon in their tissues from?

Facts -- get the details right

Describe two methods that plants developed to ensure that their seeds would travel.
What gas do plants produce during the day?
Do plants photosynthesize at night?  Why or why not?
What are stomata?  Where are they found and what are they for?
Which part of the plant is the part where growth occurs?

Picture It!

Draw a diagram of a flower and label the different parts.

Directions for Drawing Program.
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