World Builders  --   Water Animals Study Questions
Unit 6    Water Animals

Here are some basic things that you should know when you have read the Science Notes for this chapter.

Vocabulary -- know what you are talking about

invertebrate detritovore  carnivore  zooplankton
lagoon protective coloration  crustacean  coral
 gills  zoospore  predator  school of fish
 prey  mollusks  vertebrate  jellyfish

Concepts - understand the big picture

What reproductive strategy do most water animals use to make sure that their species survives?
Where would you expect to find large water animals?  Why?
Name three adaptations that water animals use to evade predators.
Where do most young water animals spend their earliest days?  Why?
Where do we find water animals with hard shells or armor?  Why?

Facts -- get the details right

What is the basis of the food chain in the aquatic environment?
What is the littoral zone?
What kinds of animals are found in the benthic zone?
What do gills do?
Are most water animals hot blooded or cold blooded?  Why?

Picture It!

Draw three pictures of animals that live in water. 
Each animal should represent a different life style and stragegy for survival.

Type the name of the animal under each picture and list a characteristic that is useful for the survival of the animal.

Directions for Drawing Program.
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