World Builders  --   Meteorology Study Questions
Unit 3    Climate and Weather

Here are some basic things that you should know when you have read the Science Notes for this chapter.

Vocabulary -- know what you are talking about

conduction atmospheric pressure   convection  cirrus clouds
radiation cumulus clouds  water cycle  water vapor
greenhouse effect ozone layer  runoff water  dew point
albedo atmospheric density  the rain shadow  condensation

Concepts - understand the big picture
What is the water cycle?
What causes currents in the air and oceans?
What causes air pressure?
Why do we get short of breath at the top of a mountain?
Why is the cold trap important to earth?
What is the greenhouse effect?
How is snow related to the albedo of a planet?

Facts - get the details right

Most of the earth's atmosphere is within ______ miles of the earth's surface.
The pressure of one atmosphere is ____________ pounds per square inch.
Name three gases that are present in our atmosphere.
_________ air can hold more water than __________ air.
When air is cooled, does it take up or lose water?
________ air rises.

Picture It!

Draw a diagram that shows how the water cycle works.

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