World Builders  --   Geology Study Questions
Unit 2    Creating the Rocky Surface

Here are some basic things that you should know when you have read the Science Notes for this chapter.

Vocabulary -- know what you are talking about

 tectonic plates  magma  crust  strata
 sedimentary rock  lava  mantle  flood plain
 erosion  volcano  core  glacier
 caldera  igneous rock  impact crater subduction zone

Concepts - understand the big picture

What are tectonic plates?
What is the difference between igneous and sedimentary rock?
What do the different colors on a topographic map (also called a relief map) show?
How are sedimentary rocks formed?
How did the earth come to have an iron core?
How do geologists use stratified rock layers to learn about fossils?

Facts - get the details right
What is erosion?
Erosion can be caused by  __________________   and/or ____________________.
What is the characteristic shape of a volcano? Why?
What do stratified rocks look like?
Diagrams that show the interior of our planet label three different layers.  What are the layers called?

Picture It!

Draw a diagram of a river's path to the sea, showing the changes in the steepness of the ground.
Draw a diagram of a volcano, showing where the lava comes up and how the ash and lava build the slopes.
Directions for Drawing Program.
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How to save your picture in Windows.
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