How to Save Your Picture with Macintosh

You are going to copy the picture that you made.

Hold down these two keys at once

Open Apple

Now press 4.

Your mouse will turn into a little cross.

Click on one corner of your picture and drag the cursor across the screen until your whole picture is in the box that the cursor is drawing.

Click and let go.  This will copy your picture to the computer's hard drive.

To find your picture, click on the icon for the hard drive. 

The hard drive will open,

Your picture will be with the list of programs and files on the hard drive.  It will have a name like Picture 1 or Picture 2.  If there are several pictures, the one with the highest number is the one that you just saved.

To see this picture again, open it with your drawing or painting program.  (Dr Viau recommends Graphic Converter, which you can download from  Save your picture as a .gif file.  Now you can print it out, attach it to an email, or put it in a web page.