How to Save Your Picture in Windows

When you have finished your picture, open the program called Irfanview.

(If you do not have Irfanview, you can download it from

Click on Options and choose Capture.

Capture Setup will open.  Be sure that the little circles beside

              O    Foreground window-Client area
              O     Show captured image in viewer

              have little green dots in them so that they are selected.

Click on Start.

Click on the picture that you want to capture to bring it to the front of your desktop.  Now press Control and F11 together.

The page with your picture on it will be captured on a page called Clipboard - IrfanView.  You can see those words on the top left hand corner of this page.

Click on one corner of the picture that you want to save and drag the cursor over the picture until there is a box around it.

Go to Edit and choose Crop selection.

Go to File and choose Save asGive the picture a name and save it as a .gif file.

You can now print or email this picture.