World Builders  --  Unit 10   --  Land Ecologies

Coordinator Rubric for PowerPoint

An illustrated draft of this page is due in class in Week 11.

 Instructions for Land Ecologies Page Coordinator

You may put this page together in class in Week Eleven.

*Remember: The coordinator will also be making a Biome page for this chapter.

Your page will look something like this.

It will have at least one graphic on it.

It will have a short description of the biomes chosen by your group.

It will have links to each of the pages of the group members.

These links will be the names of the biomes.

Check to be sure that the group members' pages link back to this introductory page.

Be sure to sign your page with a mailto link.


Grading will be:
model Land Biomes page

   A   neat, complete, attractive, good written introduction, links work,
               done on time.

   B complete, links work, turned in late.

   C problems: incomplete, links don't work, not done until after grade

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