Solar System Unit 1 Rubric

Solar System Unit 1 Rubric

Doing World Builders  in PowerPoint

This assignment should be done with the group working together.

Lay out the text of your  PowerPoint presentation something like this

Use How to Design Your Solar System to help you with this page.

Check your solar systems at to find out if your planet placement is going to work.  Make adjustments as desired.

Download:  Universe from and use this program illustrate some of your your slides.  Be sure that everyone in your group knows how to download and install this program.  Work with it together so that you can all learn what it can do.

 Slide 1

This slide is the title of your Solar System Unit. 

It should be simple and inviting.

You need a nice background picture here.

This is a good place for a diagram of your solar system.

Name the star and the planets that orbit it.

Put in pictures of the moons..   


Slide 3

     This slide and the one or two that follow it should tell about your central star.

      How did the planetary system form?
     How far is your star from earth?
     What type of star is it?
How long will it burn?

Slide 4

 How does this star compare to our sun in 



    the location of the habitable zone ?

Slide 5

You need to make a page for each planet.
       Tell the planet's name
        Its distance from the central star in AUs
        Its year length   (see Kepler's Laws)
        Its day length
        What it is made of
        Its size compared to earth
        Any interesting features that it has 
        Does it have moons?

Slide 6

   If your planet has moons, tell about the moons in an additional slide.

  Include their distance from the planet and how long it takes them to complete an orbit around the planet..

Remember that you need a slide for each planet.

Slide 7

You need to write more about the planet that you are going to study.
     Tell us about your planet's
           Radius compared to earth
           Density compared to earth
           Gravity compared to earth
           Day length
           Axial tilt

Slide 8

If your planet has a moon, tell us about it here.

     How big is it?
     How far is it from your planet?
     How long does it take to orbit your planet?

If you have more than one moon, tell us about the others as well.

Slide 9

On this page you summarize and end this unit.

Be sure to put in your navigation links.

You are finished with the text part!

Now you can have fun with the pictures!

Once you have your text all laid out, select a background for your slides and add graphics as appropriate.  Your grade is related to attractive appearance and your understanding of the scientific ideas.  You may include additional material if you wish.

 Grading will be for these qualities:
  A  neat, complete, attractive slides show care and good design, written English is correct, information shows good understanding of scientific concepts, links work, project turned in on time.
  B complete, links work, minor spelling errors, minor problems with science concepts, turned in up to a week late.
C  problems: incomplete, links don't work, problems with the writing, science concepts not understood, turned in up to two weeks late..
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