Microbiology Unit 4 Rubric

Microbiology Unit 4 Rubric

Doing World Builders  in PowerPoint

This assignment should be done with the group working together.

Use Designing Your Planet's Microbiology to help you with this page.

To make animations like this one. download one of the following programs for your computer:

Windows Users:  Gif Construction Set Pro at
                          Mac Users:  GifBuilder at

You can use these programs to animate your microbes and other graphics that you create.  Gif Construction Set Pro provides a tutorial at the web site.

Lay out the text of your  PowerPoint presentation something like this.

 Slide 1

This is your cover page for Microbiology.

Have fun with it!

Can you find an awesome picture?

Slide 2  
   In this assignment, life begins on your planet.  

   Describe the conditions under which life begins.  What is going on on the planet?  Tell us about the liquid water and the temperatures.  What is the atmosphere like?  What energy source is available for your life forms?  Where do they develop?

Slide 3

     This slide should tell us about the physical structure of the early cells and how they work. How do they get energy?   How large are they?  What do they need for survival?

     Let's have some diagrams here. If you need another slide, make it.

Slide 4

Tell us about the reproductive method that the early cells used.

Slide 5

     Here you can go on to the more advanced type of cell that has a nucleus and other structures inside it.

Slide 6

     Explain how these cells reproduced. Show how the chromosomes are distributed to both new cells.

Slide 7

     Tell about some of the environmental changes that the cells had to deal with and show how they adapted in order to survive.

     Draw the cells with their new adaptive characteristics.


Slide 8

     Make a family tree diagram for your adapted cells.  Put the parent cell at the top and show the descendents.

      You may do this with text or pictures.

     Be sure to put your page links at the bottom.

Once you have your text all laid out, select a background for your slides and add graphics as appropriate.  Attractive appearance contributes to your grade, as does demonstration of understanding of the scientific concepts involved. You may include additional material if you wish.
 Grading will be for these qualities:
  A  neat, complete, attractive, good written introduction, very good grasp of the scientific concepts, links work, turned in on time.
  B complete, links work, minor writing errors, some understanding of scientific concepts, turned in up to a  week late.
C  problems: incomplete, links don't work, English errors. poor understanding of the science. turned in up to two weeks late.
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