Meteorology  Unit 3  Rubric

Meteorology  Unit 3  Rubric

Doing World Builders  in PowerPoint

This assignment should be done with the group working together.

If desired, this geology unit may be combined with Unit  2, Geology

Use Designing Your Planet's Meteorology to help you with this page.

Download:  Continue to use Fractal Terrains from .  Use the maps that you have already made and have the program create your rainfall and temperature maps.

Lay out the text of your  PowerPoint presentation something like this

 Slide 1

This slide is the title of your Climate and Weather Unit.

If you have combined this unit with the geology one, skip this page.

Otherwise, find a great picture and make a wild weather title page!

Slide 2
You know how your planet is laid out now, so it is time to think about the general climatic conditions.  

Look at your elevation map again.  Using what you have learned from your readings, figure out a weather pattern for your air circulation.  Use red arrows to show where the hot air is going and a different color (it should show up on your map) for mapping the movement of the cool air.

Slide 3

     Using the same map and arrow colors, show how the water is circulating in your oceans.

     Air and water circulation vary on earth even when the continents are in the same positions.  There are probably a number of ways of designing your atmospheric and oceanic circulations that would work.  Think, don't stress out!

Slide 4

     Go back to Fractal Terrains and call up your map again.  Change the settings under MAP to have the program show the rainfall on your planet.  Put this map on this slide with some comments on where the rain is falling on your planet.  Does this make sense when you think about your  weather patterns?

Slide 5

     Go back to Fractal Terrains and call up your map again.  Go to MAP again and choose Temperature.  This  will generate a nice temperature map for you.  Put the map on this slide with your comments.  Are there parts of your planet that are too hot or too cold to support life?  Do you have ice caps at the poles?  Why or why not?

Slide 6

     Let's make our last map.  Go to Fractal Terrains one more time, find MAP on the command bar, and choose climate.  This will give you a map that shows the locartion of terrestrial biomes (areas with characteristic temperatures and amounts of rainfall which support similar life forms).     Write some short comments on the potential of your planet to support life.

Slide 7

Finish this section with short comments about places where you would hope to find life forms on your planet.  Do you have seasons?  Explain how this relates to your axial tilt and how the axial tilt affects the weather.  This is a good place to add more illustrations. 

Be sure to have links to the Table of Contents and to your next project -- Microbiology!

Once you have your text all laid out, select a background for your slides and add graphics as appropriate.  Attractive appearance contributes to your grade, as does demonstration of understanding of the scientific concepts involved. You may include additional material if you wish.
 Grading will be for these qualities:
  A  neat, complete, attractive, correct writing, superior understanding of the scientific concepts. Links work, pages are visually pleasing, pages are turned in on time
  B complete, scientific understanding is good but has a few small inaccurancies, links work, efforts to create pleasing pages are obvious,  writing has minor errors, project turned in up to one week late.
C  problems: incomplete, links don't work, poor scientific understanding, many writing errors, turned in two or more weeks late..
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