Land Animals Unit 9 Rubric

Land Animals Unit 9 Rubric

Doing World Builders  in PowerPoint

Each person should make his/her individual set of slides.

Now that there are some plants on land, it makes sense for some animals to crawl out of the water.  Land is a challenging environment, though.  Which of your animals has the best chance of surviving out there?  Tell us about an animal that adapted, evolved, and diversified until it had descendents living successfully in each of your biomes.

Remember to use the same biomes that your group decided on for the land plants.  

Check This Helpful Page: Making Your Land Animals

Download: Morpheus, at   Use this program to "morph" your animals from one form to another.  The download is free and helpful guides are provided.  The program is easy to use.

Lay out the text of your  PowerPoint presentation something like this

 Slide 1

This title screen introduces the evolution of land animals on your planet.


Slide 2

Show where your animals came out of the water and mark each biome that they adapted to with a colored dot.

Slide 3
Describe the water animal that you have chosen.  What characteristics does it have that will help it to survive on land?

Tell about the transition of this animal from living in water to living on land.

Tell about its size, what it eats, how it escapes enemies, and how it reproduces.

Slide 4

Describe the new environment and the challenges  that it poses to the evolving animal.

Describe the adaptations that this animal made so that it could live in the first biome.

Slide 5

Describe the second biome and tell how it could challenge  and support your animal.

Tell how this animal adapted to the second biome.

Slide 6

Add other animals for other biomes.

Slide 7

This slide summarizes information about your animals.

See Make Your Animal Calorie Chart to find out what to put in the boxes and how to figure out how much each of your animals needs to eat every day.

Slide 8

Draw a diagram showing the relationships between the animals that have evolved on your world.

Once you have your text all laid out, select a background for your slides and add graphics as appropriate.  Attractive appearance contributes to your grade, as does demonstration of understanding of the scientific concepts involved. You may include additional material if you wish.
 Grading will be for these qualities:
   A  neat, complete, attractive, good written introduction, links work, turned in Week 2.
   B complete, links work, turned in Week 3
  problems: incomplete, links don't work, turned in by Week 4.

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