Water Animals Unit 6 Rubric

Water Animals Unit 6 Rubric

Doing World Builders  in PowerPoint

Each person should make  his/her own individual set of slides.

Check This Helpful Page

           Designing An Evolving Water Animal

Download: Morpheus at http://www.morpheussoftware.net/.   You can use this program to "morph" your animals from one form to another.  The download is free and helpful guides are provided.  The program is easy to use.

Lay out the text of your  PowerPoint presentation something like this

 Slide 1

This is the title slide for your sea animals
Slide 2

Give some information about the ancestors of  your most primitive animals and include some simple drawings of them.

These animals are protists, but from a different group of protists than the plants.  They could be microscopic or very small at this stage.   

Slide 3
Describe the environment where your animals are developing from protists.

What is available that is helpful to your animals?
What do your animals eat? 

Show how your multicellular animals are settling into this environment.  These will be are your first complex life forms.

Slide 4
Show the developmental stages of your first animal.  Show gradual development: don't make big jumps.

This will be the ancestor of the other animals that you will design today.

Tell how the adaptations help the animals to survive.

Slide 5

Explain how animals compete for resources and how this competition results in adaptation to niches.

Explaining this will help you in your animal design.

Slide 6

Biome One

Describe the changes in the environment.

Explain how the changes affect your organisms.


Slide 7

     Show how the animal changed in response to
     the changes in the environment.    

     Explain how these changes helped the animal
     to survive.

     Remember, change is gradual.

Slides 8 and following slides

   Continue on to Biomes Two and Three.

   Remember, you need as many biomes as there
   are people in your group.

   Show how your animal changes in appearance.
   Tell what your animal eats.

Final Slide 

Draw a family tree diagram to show how the animals that you made are related to each other.

Once you have your text all laid out, select a background for your slides and add graphics as appropriate.  Attractive appearance contributes to your grade, as does demonstration of understanding of the scientific concepts involved. You may include additional material if you wish.
 Grading will be for these qualities:
  A  neat, complete, attractive, good written introduction, links work, imagination  and creativity are evident,  good understanding of evolution demonstrated, turned in on time..
  B complete, links work, well thought out, understanding of evolution shown, writing is correct, turned in within a week of deadline. 
C  problems: incomplete, links don't work, poor understanding of evolution
        poorly thought out, writing errors, turned in by Week 4. 
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