Land Ecologies Coordinator Rubric

Land Ecologies Coordinator Rubric

Doing World Builders  in PowerPoint     Unit 10

This assignment should be done with the group working together.

This assignment is only one slide.  It links to the water plant page that each of you has made and to the next coordinator page for water animals.

Lay out the text of your  PowerPoint presentation something like this:

  Slide 1

This slide is the Table of Contents item Land Ecology.

Your three individual Land Ecology presentations are linked to this page.

This is your final chapter.  Give us a hint of the richness of your planet on this slide!

Once you have your text all laid out, select a background for your slides and add graphics as appropriate.  Attractive appearance contributes to your grade.  You may include additional material if you wish.
  Grading will be for these qualities:
  A  neat, complete, attractive, turned in on time.
  B complete, links work, turned in up to one week late.
C  problems: incomplete, links don't work, turned in more than two weeks late.
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