World Builders

Work Sheet Index

This is a listing of work sheets that you can print out. They will help groups of world builders to organize their planning and thinking. You can print them out from Netscape, but I suggest that you go to Page Setup in Netscape and change the Scaling box to 80% before you choose the print command.

Master Planning Sheet for World Builder Chapters.

This sheet shows which person will take primary responsibility for each chapter, and provides email addresses and phone numbers. Each person in the group should have a copy, and a copy should also be given to the teacher

Master Sheet of Chapter File Names

This sheet contains the names of the files that contain the chapters of the project. As students will be linking to one another's files, knowing the names of the files is essential. Each person should have a copy, and a master copy should also go to the teacher.

Chapter Planning Sheets

These sheets contain questions to help students to plan individual chapters.

Chapter Eleven

The Alien Environment

 The Bodies of the Aliens

 Chapter Twelve  Alien Minds
 Chapter Thirteen  Social Organization
 Chapter Fourteen   Distribution of Resources
 Chapter Fifteen  Education
 Chapter Sixteen  History: The Roots of Memory
 Chapter Seventeen  Meaning and Mystery
 Chapter Eighteen Creative Expression
 Chapter Nineteen  Tools and Technology
 Chapter Twenty  The Alien Society

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