World Builders -- Session One


Locating Your Planet Near a Star

In this session you will learn about moons and planets and the types of stars that they orbit. You will be making the first decisions about your world.


NASA Photo



1. The first thing that you need to do is to form groups to work on your individual planets. Building a planet (especially in ten sessions!) is too much work for one person. Your group will need the diverse talents of the individuals in it, so share your areas of interest and strength. Your group should contain four or five individuals. It will be helpful if at least one has computer skills.

2. Your group will need to decide on

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3. Homework: Bring to class next session


Loki is a planet designed by a group of World Builders at Montana State University in the spring of 1993. They have agreed to share their planet with you. Some material has been added to give you a sense of how to work with your planet.

Shalimar is a planet that I have built for you. It shows you

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