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Visit These Other Created Worlds

Here is another World Building class on the Internet! Check this one out for inspiration! These worlds are being designed for use in science fiction writing, and they are not so detailed as ours will be. They have beautiful graphics and interesting ideas. If I am correct, anyone can join in this project.

Check the Great Journey of Life on This World when you visit these museums:
Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology
An absolute must for World Builders! Take the Virtual tour. Here you will see the first life, early plants, trilobites, evolution of fish and on and on -- marvelous graphics and manageable amounts of very helpful information.
The Field Museum -- Dinosaur Exhibits and life before dinosaurs:
lovely graphics, good information
The Hunterian Museum of Glasgow
Take the virtual tour and click on the map. You will see sections on just what we are doing -- the beginning of the earth and it's life forms. It is similar, chapter for chapter, to our assignments -- don't miss this one!
Global Climate Change
A wonderful course about global change that covers many of the topics that we are studying. Excellent explanations and illustrations. Check this out and bookmark it!

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