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Public Domain and Shareware Software

that will help you to build your world.

Here is a list of software programs that you should get to help you in your world building. Some of these programs are freeware, some are shareware. If you use shareware programs and like some of them, please send the shareware fee to the authors of the programs. They have worked hard to create these fine programs for us, and the costs of the programs are very reasonable. We can live in a world where people help one another. Let's do our part.

Programs are sent to us in a compressed format. That means that they must be decompressed. There are decompression utilities in NetScape now, but if you cannot decompress files that you download, get a copy of Unstuffit or StuffIt Expander or StuffIt Lite from the labs here or from your instructor, the amazing Dr Viau. Then you can download the other files in the lab at CSULA or at home if you have a Macintosh Computer. IBM users will need to get the program PKUnzip.


A List of the Programs -- Macintosh Only!

Search for these programs by name at one or more of these software collections:

or go to the programs' individual web sites.
These sources will give you the most recent versions of the programs.

Programs are listed in five categories:


Compression / Decompression Programs HTML Page Writing Help Helpful Graphics Programs Generally Helpful Programs Site Management Tools
StuffIt Expander BBEdit Lite 4.0.1 GraphicConverter Stickies Window Monkey
MacBinary II+ SpellTools GifBuilder Stickies Color Editor Big Brother
ZipIt SimpleText Color Menu QuickNailer Net-Print Guillotine
MacGzip HTML Color Screen Catcher CopyPaste Fetch
BinHex 5.0 HTML ColorChooser . . HTML.Grinder
. Extreme Mac's HTML Tricks . . .

Compression Utilities

HTML Page Writing Helpers

Helpers for Graphics

Generally Helpful Programs

Managing Your Site

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