Alien Bodies

Lesson 11

Systems: Digestion, Reproduction, Respiration, Circulation, Skeletal and Nervous System

     We think that intelligent living organisms have to be multicellular, because it takes a lot of neural connections to allow for throught. The aliens' bodies, therefore, have to have systems that allow all their cells to live. The cells need "food" for chemical energy, oxygen to use that energy, and a way of getting rid of wastes. The organisms also need some sort of nervous system to coordinate the actions of the body, and a reproductive system to allow them to have young.

We will design these systems! Here are some tips and an example:

snorvep side view

We have drawn the outsides of the alien bodies: Look at your picture again. You see the outline of the body and you have put in necessary details: sense organs, organs of manipulation and locomotion.

Here with the snorvep I see the outside body shape. The blue parts are hearing organs, the antennae also support sense organs. I see the tentacles for moving. Where should I start?

Here are a number of topics for you. Each link leads to a page which has information and examples to help you describe your animal. You should write a paragraph on each topic on this page..

The Skeletal System





The Nervous System

Assignment: Describe the aliens' body systems: digestion, reproduction, respiration, circulation, the skeletal and the nervous system. Use diagrams to explain how their bodies work.

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