Alien Bodies

Lesson 11

Describing the General Environment


The General Environment

The aliens have adapted to living in a specific environment. You need to describe what the environment is like and to think of ways in which your aliens adapted to that environment. When you have described the environment, you should choose some unintelligent life form on your planet and give it intelligence. You may show changes in body form, but remember that the changes must be of benefit to the life form as they go along. You have to change something that is already there into something else. You cannot just put wings on an elephant, for instance.

First you need to write a brief description of your planet. If you have chosen a planet from World Builders Part One you should be able to get your information there. Use the Alien Environment Worksheet to help you gather the information that you will need.

Assignment: Write a description of the environment that your aliens live in and tell how they have adapted to the environment.


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