Alien Body Systems

Lesson 11


outline of snorvep

     Here is an outline of the snorvep's body. I have taken the spots off the back so that I can see the body outline more clearly.

     I know that the mouth is under the hearing organs between the sets of tentacles. I will begin by putting in the digestive tract.

snorvep digestive tract

     I have put the digestive system in in green. The digestive tract runs down the length of the body and empties on the underside near the back end. It can be short because the snorvep eats meat (slugs). We know that the snorvep captures its prey with a long tongue. The tongue is attached inside the top of the mouth where it is rolled up until it is needed (Frogs have tongues rather like this.)

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Systems: Digestion, Reproduction, Respiration, Circulation, the Skeletal and the Nervous System

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