Alien Bodies

Lesson 11

(Lesson 1 of World Builders™ Part 2)

What can your intelligent beings do?

What do your intelligent beings need?

What senses do your intelligent beings have?


     On your planet, as on our own, life has evolved in response to environmental pressures. The bodies of your aliens work well in their world. Now that they are becoming intelligent, we need to look at their bodies to see what they need and what they can do. Some changes may still evolve, but they will have to be built on whatever limbs and senses the aliens already have.

     You will make many decisions in this first lesson. If you have built your world from World Builders™ Part One you have already throught through much of this material. If you are just "jumping in" at this point, you have a lot of thinking to do. None of the other lessons have as much work as this one. You are building the important foundation on which all your future pages will rest. Do this a part at a time, and you will see that the work goes well.

     In this lesson you will choose the body form and attributes of your intelligent aliens. Your assignment is to write a description of the environment that they live in and the attributes of their bodies, which are adapted to this environment. The links below will explain the areas for which you need to make decisions and write descriptions. Click on the blue links to get more information and to see examples.


1. The first thing that you need to do is to form groups to work on your aliens and their culture. Building a culture (especially in ten sessions!) is too much work for one person. Your group will need the diverse talents of the individuals in it, so share your areas of interest and strength. Your group should contain three or perhaps four individuals. It will be helpful if at least one person has computer skills.

2. Your group should explore the planet that your aliens will live on and then write several paragraphs describing the aliens and their environment.

Each of the links below will take you to pages that will help you to write the descriptions of your aliens. You should read these pages and discuss them in your group, then write the short descriptions that are required. Draw diagrams to show the alien's physical structures. Examples are provided for you.

The General Environment

Assignment: Write a description of the environment that your aliens live in and tell how they have adapted to the environment. This is the introduction to the page for this chapter.

Major Survival Problems

Assignment: Describe the major survival problems that your aliens face.

The Bodies of Your Aliens -- Body Form

Assignment: Draw a picture and write a description of the aliens' bodies

Food and Food Gathering or Capture

Assignment: Describe what your aliens eat and draw a food pyramid diagram for them. Calculate the land area required to support each alien.

Alien Senses

Assignment: Describe the senses that your aliens have. Explain how these senses are useful in their environmens. Give details about the dominant sense.

Alien Systems: Digestion, Reproduction, Respiration, Circulation, Skeletal, and Nervous System

Assignment: Sketch and describe the internal organization of your aliens.

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