World Builders Work Sheet 2

Creating Geology for your Planet

    When your planet cools and solidifies, the surface will be uneven. Later on, when water or other liquids appear, the low parts will be below sea level and the highest parts will be the mountains. There may be volcanoes. Sketch out the main land masses of your planet. Here is an examples to get you started. Draw your own sketch of your planet in the space provided.


Now let's put in the mountains and rivers. Color the lowest part of the land a dark color. Use a medium color for medium elevations and leave the highest part white. Draw in your rivers, remembering that the rain and melting snow will flow down hill to the sea.


Let's take a "slice" out of your map and see what the elevations look like. Below you see a "slice" taken out of my map. Can you see where it came from?  I drew lines straight down from the different colors. Below the "slice" is a drawing that shows how the land and water masses look. I have exaggerated the elevations. Now it is your turn . . .


Write a description of the geological features of your planet







Draw sketches of your planet's landscapes. Remember -- there are no plants or animals yet, just rocks and water!





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