World Builders -- Session Eleven

Sharing Our Worlds

Here They Are!

We did it! Our worlds are finished, (with some last minute panic) but done! Our worlds are ready for visitors -- or for the evolution of intelligent creatures. What will the future hold? What features remain to be discovered? We have only had ten weeks to explore: if we could stay longer, or land here again, we might find more life forms and interesting places.

We have learned a lot! Building planets is an enjoyable way to learn about the sciences. We have so many questions! Maybe no one will ever know the answers to some of them, but they are fun to think about.

Graduating World Builders, you are part of an elite group now! Come back and visit, share ideas with the classes that come after you! Remember that a little bit of inventing is fun -- if you are teaching, give your students a chance to invent a special plant for Valentine's Day, or to grow an alien Christmas tree, or to figure out how aliens might celebrate Halloween-like festivals! How would you make music if you lived under water? What senses would you have if your planet were dark to human eyes? Would you think about time if you never saw the sun? Keep asking the questions -- and enjoy!

Information on Alien Life Forms

These are some web sites or notes or sketches about imaginary alien life forms. Enjoy! Visitors, you are invited to contribute your ideas here, too.

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