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Land Animals

The conquest of the land presented difficult problems for the earth's animals to solve. The animals on your planet will have to solve some of these problems as well.

The science fiction writer Isaac Asimov suggested that life might never have appeared on earth's land without the presence of the moon.  The moon causes the tides, and tides provided earth's shores with inter-tidal zones. Twice a day the sea draws back, leaving wet sand and tide pools behind. Twice a day the high tide returns, reliably flooding the inter-tidal zone again. In this land of contrasting wet and dry conditions the plants began to learn to deal with air and sunlight. Once plants had begun to conquer the land, animals followed. However, the conquest of the land was not without its problems.

Let's look at some problems and solutions.

Dealing with Exposure to Sunlight

Dealing with Gravity

Reproducing on Land


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