Coordinate Water Animal

Populus with four different environments are home to a wide variety of aquatic animals.  It is estimated that 97% of all water in Populus is contained within the oceans.  Below are four "biomes" on the planet.  :

Shallow Tropical Oceans:  This is a shallow, warm water environment that occurs along the continental shelves.  One enormous area of shallow tropical water lies between the continents of Durin and Gloen.

Tropical Estuaries:  This environment occurs at the mouths of rivers where fresh water intermingles with the salt water of the oceans.  We will focus on the estuaries which lie in the tropical regions of Populus.

Rocky Tropical Shores:  This is another warm water environment, but animals here have adapted to deal with the changing of the tides and the impact of waves on the rocky shore.

Rocky Polar Shores:  This is one of the most rugged aquatic environments on Populus.  The animals here have adapted to very cold and tumultuous waters.


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