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Session Eight --  Land Plants  
Session Eight  -- Land Plants  

How Seeds Germinate
How Seeds Germinate


The invention of the seed made it possible for plants to conquer the land.

     This is how a plant comes out of a seed.

The dry seed is dormant.

The seed is in a moist environment. It swells, absorbing water.


Root emerges
A root begins to grow out of the seed.



stem emerges from seed

The stem begins to come out of the seed



seed begins to lift

The stem grows and begins to lift the seed.

Secondary roots are growing too.


Seed slips off

  The stem continues to lift the seed.

  The seed coat is slipping off.

  The roots continue to grow.



seed is free of seed coat

  The young plant is free of the seed coat.

  It is beginning to unfold its seed leaves, the cotyledons.

  The roots keep on  growing.

Cotyledons open


The cotyledons open to catch the sunlight.

Between them, a bud gives promise that true leaves will soon appear.

Note continued root growth to support the leaves.

True leaves have opened


The true leaves have opened, and the plant is off to a good start.

The growing tip continues to push upward.

More leaves will open soon.

Vigorous root growth promises healthy continued development.


Soon the plant will have more leaves. The food in the cotyledons will be used up, and they will shrivel and fall off. The plant no longer needs them. It makes its own food now.

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