World Builders
Session Seven

Under Water Communities

     Plants and animals live together  in communities. A complex web of interrelationships holds the community together, and the populations of the different kinds of organisms must be kept in balance. Look at your animals and plants and explain how they can live together, or provide some other explanation of how they survive.



Your group will work to
  • decide how your plants and animals fit together into communities
  • diagram the food chains
  • write a description of the community
  • make some sketches of the animals and plants together
  • add additional plants and animals as needed -- or as you are inspired to do so

Homework: Bring to class next session:

  • The written description on a web page of your aquatic communities.
  • A diagram of the food chain(s).
  • Your sketches in GIF or JPG format.

Photograph from a Corel CD-ROM : for viewing only, not for downloading.     
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