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Session Five  --  Seaweeds
Session Five  --  Seaweeds

How to Plan Your Seaweeds
How to Plan Your Seaweeds

example plants



This page will give you some ideas on

how to design water seaweed for your planet.

Begin by thinking about the environment.

Where will your seaweed live?

1. Choose the setting for your aquatic community. Go to Water Communities in the biome section. Discuss the different environments with the other members of your group. Decide if you are going to concentrate on a specific environment or spread out to several different ones. Try to figure out what sorts of plants you might want to develop.

2. Read the page on Differences Between Land Plants and Seaweeds.

3. Read the page on Evolution.

4. Discuss what you have learned with your group.

5. Go to the Helpful Web Sites: gather more information and ideas.

6. Discuss with your group again.

7. Start sketching out your organisms.

Your sketches should include (in sketches or pictures):

a sketch of the unicellular organism that you started with

a sketch of a clump of cells evolving into a multicellular seaweed

a sketch of your proto-seaweed

Diversify your seaweed out into three niches

Check Designing and Diversifying Your Water Plants

You may want to check my plant development in Shalimar.

Save your working sketches. You will probably need them for chapter 7.

8. Check the Rubric for Chapter 5 for Making Web Pages

   Check the Rubric for Chapter 5 for PowerPoint

9. Write a description of your seaweed, explaining your illustrations as outlined in the Rubric page.

Your description should include

the environment of your seaweed

the height of seaweed

any special adaptations

how does the seaweed reproduce?

10. The page coordinator should put all this together, adding a description of the plant community.

Check the Page Coordinator Rubric for Web Pages here.

Check the Page Coordinator Rubric for PowerPoint here..

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