World Builders™                                                                    Session Four  --  Microbiology

              Living it Up: Fun with Cells


Living things must focus on two tasks, reproduction and energy capture.

     Now that we have learned something about cells, let's play with the ideas a little.

Here we see a party going on in a eukaryote cell.  There is a lot going on!!!!

The Eukaryote Cell

     Here it is -- big, brash, confident, and ready to take on the world!

This cell has got it all wrapped up in many layers of membranes.

What are those lines in the nucleus?  Oh, yes, chromosomes

Is this a plant cell or an animal cell?  How do you know?

What is the vacuole for?

Try drawing your own picture of a cell now.  

Check against the picture to see if you remembered all the parts that you have learned.

You've learned a lot! 

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