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This unit is the only place in our course where you get to work a miracle -- create life!

     By our standards, the early earth was not user friendly. The surface was hot, with volcanic eruptions releasing carbon dioxide, water vapor, and nitrogen into the early atmosphere. It was  lifeless for many millions of years. Rain fell, and water began the work of erosion, wearing away the igneous rocks and slowly dissolving some of the chemicals on the rock surfaces. Rivers carried the chemicals into the seas, and the chemicals were mixed and stirred in the water.

     No one knows for certain how life began. We know that all terrestrial life has strings of DNA, which are long chains of self-replicating molecules that encode information. We know that life forms (except for viruses) are made up of cells, which are tiny containers that hold the DNA and other chemicals that make up the cells.  The early life forms were single cells.  This chapter will have some information about cells so that you can start life on your own world!




Your group will do this in class:

  • discuss your first life forms and how they live in your climates
  • Sketch your unicellular organisms
  • write a description of how life arose on your planet.
  • write descriptions of your planet's first life forms.

Homework: Bring to class next session:

  • The written description of how life arose.
  • The written description of your life forms.
  • Your computer drawn, or drawn and scanned, pictures of your first life forms.

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