World Builders™                                                                     Session Three  --  Meteorology


    Designing Your Planet's Meteorology   

After many thousands of years your planet will become a world with a solid surface.

For this assignment you will describe and map your planet's weather.

Think about the life forms you are planning to have so that you will be sure to have a good place for them to live!

You may use outlines or saved maps from last week.

Be sure to check Rubric 3 for Web Pages or Rubric 3 for PowerPoint

which gives more information on how to create this page.

Your page should deal with the following topics:

1. General Planet Description

What sort of planet are you working with? Is it earthlike? Warmer? Colder?
Is it drier or wetter?   About how much of the surface is water?   Does your planet have seasons?

2. Major Air and Water Currents

You and your group will work together to figure out the main air and water currents on your planet. How does the heat get distributed on your planet? Show the currents on a map. (You already have a planetary map from last week.)

3. Rainfall Map

Now you have your elevations and currents laid out. Figure out what the rainfall on the different parts of your land masses will be and color code them on your map. Label the rainfall amounts with the color code.

If you are using Fractal Terrains, adjust your map and have the program create a rainfall map for you.  Write some text to go with this.

4. Temperature Map

Start with your outline map again and use it to show temperatures ranges on different parts of your planet. Remember to account for seasons.

If you are using Fractal Terrains, print out a Temperature Map.  You will need to write some descriptive text for this.

5. Links

Add links to Chapter Four and  to the Table of Contents.

Sign your work!

Note:NASA sites in the Web Links are excellent sources for images. See especially for stunning photos of earth from space.

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