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Your Planet's Geology

These instructions will help you to create the report on your planet,

Web page builders, check Rubric 2 which gives more information on how to create this page.
Use this rubric if you are working in PowerPoint.

Your page should deal with the following topics:

1. Your Planet Cools

Tell us about your planet cooling. Read Understanding tectonic plates to help you to understand what happens as the crust cools and cracks . (Also see the Helpful Web Sites)  Has your planet sustained any asteroid impacts? Does it have any craters? Do you have volcanoes?

What is the internal structure of your planet?

2. Continents Form

You and your group will work together to lay out your continents. You will need to describe them, name them, and draw elevation maps, sometimes also called relief maps or  topographic maps.  Use the Fractal Terrains program to create your maps.

Drawing contour maps is an important part of this chapter. You should check Making a Relief Map for information on what the colors mean. Can you figure out the main river patterns from seeing the high and low places?  Also show where the ocean is shallow and where it is deep.

3. Tectonic Plates

On another map, show us where your main tectonic plates are and explain how they are working on your planet.

5. Landscape Profiles

Check From Contour Map to Landscape Profile to see how to use your map to draw a landscape profile.

6. Add Some Description

What is your planet is like today?

Be sure that you add links to Chapter Three and the Table of Contents.

Sign your work!

 Note: NASA sites in the Web Links are excellent sources for images. See especially for stunning photos of earth from space

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