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Session Ten   --  Land Ecology   
Session Ten   --  Land Ecology   

    Land Ecologies
    Land Ecologies

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         Home Page for Unit Ten

Animals and plants live together interdependently in an ecological community.

      In this unit we will put our land ecologies together. How does your planet look? Once you have designed an animal you can quickly do variations on it. Look how many different kinds of animals there are on earth built on the four legged plan, the bird plan, the fish plan! As your landscapes come together you may have ideas for little finishing touches. Check your food pyramids -- they have to work!

      It takes years to explore a planet, so I don't expect you to know about everything that is on yours. There may be some unanswered questions that you would like the next group of explorers to think about. If there are, put them in your report!



Your group will work to
  • discuss how your animals and plants live together
  • sketch out predator and prey relationships
  • draw some pictures of your animals and plants together
  • add other life forms as desired
  • diagram your food pyramids

Homework: Bring to class next session:

  • written descriptions of your planet's ecological communities.
  • diagrams of the food chains
  • pictures of your land animals and plants together.



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