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 Biome Builder

Game Card and Materials List

Materials Required for  Biome Builder Game





 Dice or spinners  Wood blocks at craft store

Counters to mark squares  20  per person  1 set per person      
 Print outs  Game Card  1 per person      
Instruction Sheet  1 per group      

This is a sample game card.

When you download the pdf file you will be able to print out 18 pages, each of which contains two of these cards.

Suggestion: print cards out on tagboard, cut them apart, and laminate the game sheets,


print cards out on paper, cut them apart, and have students X out the numbers that are called.

You will also download the directions: each group of 4 students will need a copy.

To see these directions, click here.

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© 2000. Elizabeth Anne Viau. All rights reserved.  Individuals may print out and use this game in the classroom but the materials may not be sold. If you got good discussion with the game, send me an email! eviau@earthlink.net