Reporting Your Biome Builder Game Results

These directions are included in the Biome Builders .pdf file.

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Get your game card and some markers to put on the numbers.  Cover the numbers as they are called out. Raise your hand or call, "Got it!" when you have two rows filled. Winner gets 500 bonus points

Add up all the numbers in the ovals of the spaces that you covered on your own card. Write your total here: __________ . Join a group of 2-4 people in the same biome.

List your totals here: then add the totals up to get a grand total for your group.


 Card 1

 Card 2

 Card 3

 Card 4

Grand Total
  Points  .  .  .    .

Your grand total gives you the the number of square meters in your biome. Your biome produces the number of KiloCalories per square meter listed in the chart below. This is the Primary Productivity of your biome.

  Per   Square
  Per Day




 Coniferous Forest

 Deciduous Forest

 Tropical Rain Forest







Now multiply to figure out how many calories you have for your animals to eat:

(Total Number of Points) * (Primary Productivity of biome) = KiloCalories for Your Animals to eat.

Now pick out your herbivores! You need groups of each kind so each kind can reproduce. Keep track of the Kilocalories!  Your total for all of the herbivores must not be more than your Total Number of Points.

 Tiny Herbivores under 5 pounds

 Small Herbivores rabbit
15 pounds

 Medium Herbivores
150 pounds

 Large Herbivores
cow  1000 pounds

 Small Carnivores
10 pounds

 Medium Carnivores wolf
200 pounds

 Large Carnivores
400 pounds
 Needed Per







 How many
  do you     have?
 . .  .  .  .    .  . .
 KiloCalories  .  .      .  .  .  .
Carnivores eat herbivores, but don't get all their KiloCalories. Carnivores get

Total Number of (KiloCalories for Your Animals to eat)

divided by 10.   

(for example, if your grand total =24,000, your carnivores will have 2,400 calories. You will only be able to have small carnivores.)

Choose the numbers and sizes of your carnivores. Calculate the KiloCalories that they will need. Now go to the biomes on earth and figure out which animals could be in your biome! Draw a picture of your ecosystem or make a food pyramid or diorama.

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