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Rain Forest trees & water

 Rain Forests

    Rain forests receive over 60 inches of rain a year. That is five feet of water!

    These forests are found next to oceans, where evaporation fills the air with water vapor. As the ocean air sweeps over the land, the moisture comes down as rain.

    Rain forests are filled with plants of different heights. As the sunlight is filtered through the leaves, sometimes the air looks almost green!

     There are two kinds of rain forests: tropical and temperate.

    Tropical rainforests are found near the equator. They have very rich ecosystems, with many kinds of plants and animals living together.

    Temperate rainforests are cooler, and have fewer species living in them. They provide ideal conditions for conifers, mosses, ferns, and fungi.

 Tropical Rain Forests

 Temperate Rain Forests

 Tropical Rain Forest Food Web

 Temperate Rain Forest Food Web

 Tropical Rain Forest Food Pyramid

 Temperate Rain Forest Food Pyramid

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