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Part Two

Building an Alien Civilization

This section of the World Builders web site contains lesson materials to help you to build the civilizations of your intelligent aliens. The lessons include background material, questions that your description should answer, Dr. Viau's Incredibly Simple Science Notes, weekly assignments, and links to helpful web pages.

Think carefully about what life is like for the aliens. What do they need? How do they sense their world?

First, read through these introductory files:

Software Toolkit: pick up the programs that will help you to build your planet.

An Inspirational Tour of Other Worlds and Useful Web Sites

Print out this Planning Chart.

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Choose the lesson that you would like to go to by clicking on the blue text. Lesson 11 is the first lesson in this series.

Talents and Treasures

11. Biomechanics Alien Bodies:
The Form of the Sapients
12. Psychology Alien Minds:
Perceiving and Believing

Patterns of Life

13. Anthropology Social Organization
in the Environment
14. Economics Distributing Resources

Mind Treasures

15. Education What is Worth Knowing?
16. History The Roots of Memory
17. Religion or Philosophy Meaning and Mystery
18. Creative Expression Flowers from the Mind
19. Engineering Tools, Machines, and Technologies
20. Sociology Developments in the Alien Society

Alien Civilization

21. Share the Newly Created Worlds
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