Dr Viau's Incredibly Simple Science Notes

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Science Notes are here!

These pages are intended for beginners in science and those who would like to refresh their memories from science classes past. They are intended to provide you with an easy on-ramp to this course by explaining the Important Big Ideas with which we will be working. You can get to them from the introductory course page, and from the individual sessions to which they are keyed.

Clarity is the most important objective in these pages. I have rounded off numbers, sometimes shamelessly. I have used analogies that give the general idea but that are not accurate in detail. If you are flying into a city, you can get an overview of the street plan from the plane window, but you can't read house numbers. Please use these pages to give yourself an overview, a general idea to help you to understand what more detailed pages are about. There are plenty of good science sites on the web which will take you further into enjoyment and understanding. Some of them are listed here. Explore and enjoy!

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