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Friends in Cyberspace, please let us know what kinds of creatures you may find out there! If you know of an alien pet, please send a description and a picture. If you have either a description or a picture, maybe you can find a partner here to complete the entry. People who send in great pets will have moons named after them! We will post the names, homepage addresses, and e-mail addresses of contributors if desired. If you choose to copyright your pet, notice of your choice will be posted, but the author of this project cannot assume responsibility beyond that of posting this information.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • Food and Required Living Conditions:

    Paper munchers eat paper. Their digestive systems allow them to evert their stomachs, so that they can crawl onto paper and saturate it with their acidic digestive juices. They then consume the slurry that results. Paper munchers are cold-blooded, and very efficient at water retention: they can live in a wide range of environments. They reproduce by leaving small hemispherical plaques in sheltered places: the embryo develops in the plaque, which becomes its first skin. They may reproduce both sexually and asexually, but further study is needed to establish this.

  • Planet of Origin:

    Paper munchers evolved on the planet Egnosis. This planet is heavily forested, with many species of fast growing trees. The ancestors of paper munchers lived in the leaf litter of the forest floor, digesting the fallen plant material there. A sapient species, the Egnesti, evolved on this planet, and proceeded to create a system of bureaucracy so perfect that the primitive living conditions of the citizens were maintained without any changes for millenia. The bureaucratic system required the production and storage of vast quantities of paper, requirements which absorbed the surplus energy of the people. At some point a mutation occurred among the ancestors of the paper munchers, and the little foragers became able to digest paper. Within a few hundred years the paper munchers had destroyed all the paper on the planet, and the civilization of the Egnesti collapsed. (Importation of paper munchers is strictly forbidden on some planets.) Paper munchers are undemanding pets. They are quiet, make good door stops, and will definitely eliminate unsightly piles of magazines and newspapers in your home, neighborhood, and city.


  • Reporting Scientist: Elizabeth Viau

    Huggers may be copied freely for nonprofit purposes.

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