Fellow Voyagers


The Mars Project: an educational simulation about going to Mars. A number of schools are participating. Go and see this one!


Here is another World Building class on the Internet! Check this one out for inspiration! These worlds are being designed for use in science fiction writing, and they are not so detailed as ours will be. They have beautiful graphics and interesting ideas. If I am correct, anyone can join in this project.


This is a world created over a three year period by a group of playful scientists from the CONTACT group. Be sure to visit this site!


This world, named Duallus, was constructed by students in Dr William H. Zachry's World Builders' Honors class at the University of Tennessee, Martin, Tennessee. Come and visit!


alien races, Speculative Xeneology.


an interesting fantasy world, Rune.

These worlds belong to Stephen Mumford at e-mail: redline@catharsis.com He is interested the same problems that we face: constructing realistic worlds that work.

You can only visit the following site if you have an IBM or IBM clone --

The Contact Consortium presents..

*** S H E R W O O D F O R E S T ***
an Internet-Based Virtual Community
Hosted in Full 3D Color in AlphaWorld

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Lots are for sale (zero down zero to pay) in Sherwood Towne
See: HTTP://WWW.CCON.ORG for details!

Come see our towne under construction at 105N 188E in Alphaworld

Join us Virtual and LIVE starting Saturday May 4, 1996 at 9am Pacific Standard Time and continuing all day for *building lessons*!
Join our growing community and pioneer true cyberspace! We need volunteers for village idiot, fire chief, newspaper editor, police chief and more!

The Internet is bursting with virtual worlds you can visit. And best of all, you are not alone, there are thousands of others visiting these worlds that you can talk to. Join the Consortium and Sherwood Towne and see what all the fuss is about!

Bruce Damer, Director, Contact Consortium: e-mail: bdamer@ccon.org

Send your comments and suggestions to this e-mail address: eviau@earthlink.net
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